South Africa – South Africa: EFF Calls On the Department of Education to Ensure School Shops Do Not Spread Listeriosis


The EFF calls on the department of basic education to ensure that all the food being sold to students does not include processed meat products like polony. It is a matter of fact that many lunch meals in our country include these products which have been declared by the Minister of Health as risky for the spread of listeriosis.

We further call on School Governing Bodies as well as Learner Representative Councils to impose strict controls on what gets sold in schoolyards and nearby shops to students. We can not afford to lose any life; this is a generation that has liberated our land, it must live long enough to see its true benefits.

Blame must be placed squarely at the feet of Enterprise Food and Rainbow Chicken for the outbreak. They must be held accountable for spreading disease and killing people.


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