Pakistan – Seminary students hospitalised after food poisoning


islamabad – Dozens of students of a local seminary on Friday were taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences after they fainted due to food poisoning , an official said.

According to details, 32 students of madrassah Tehsil-ul-Quran located in sector G-11 were admitted to the emergency ward of Children Hospital at PIMS after they fell unconscious due to food poisoning .

According to hospital official, the madrassah students were fed the food sent from a nearby house, where a wedding was taking place.

The food was served to more than 100 students for breakfast after which a number of them fainted and fell ill. Official said that 32 students presented symptoms including vomiting and abdominal pain.

The students were transported to PIMS where they received timely medical aid.

25 children were discharged after receiving first aid while seven were admitted to hospital for a few hours and provided treatment.

Official said that the condition of admitted children is out of danger but they are under observation until complete recovery.

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