Campylobacter – Puppies linked to 100-plus Campylobacter illnesses



retail chain’s puppies have been linked to more than 100 illnesses in a two-year Campylobacter outbreak.

The 17-state outbreak is associated with contact with dogs at Petland stores, according to a Jan. 30 outbreak advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From January 2016 through January 2018, 113 people had laboratory-confirmed infections, and 23 were hospitalized.

In a separate bulletin for health care professionals, CDC officials said they had concluded their outbreak investigation but that illnesses may continue because so many people are unaware of the outbreak and risk of infection.

The CDC advised that veterinarians be thorough when cleaning surfaces and equipment that touch the feces of any dog with a suspected Campylobacter infection. The agency also recommended that physicians provide supportive care and antimicrobial susceptibility testing when antimicrobials are required for human patients.

Genetic sequencing and susceptibility testing were used to identify antimicrobial resistance among isolates, the CDC outbreak advisory states. The bacteria isolated from people and puppies were resistant to antimicrobials recommended as first-line treatments for severe Campylobacter infections.

When dogs have laboratory-confirmed infections that involve hemorrhagic fever and require antimicrobial treatment, the CDC recommends using bacteriologic culture and susceptibility test results to guide antimicrobial choices. Campylobacter isolates from the Petland-associated outbreak have been resistant to various antimicrobials, including fluoroquinolones and macrolides.

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