Philippines – Dozens of students hit by suspected food poisoning in Davao City


DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Dozens of students participating in a regional sports event here were rushed to hospitals for suspected food poisoning on Saturday night, February 17.

The students were in Davao City for the Davao Regional Athletes Association (DAVRAA) Meet.

“We confirm the suspected incident of food poisoning affecting at least 33 Mati City student delegates to the DAVRAA 2018,” said City Assistant Administrator Lawrence Bantindig.

Media witnessed the incident late Saturday night at the Sta Ana National High School, where dozens of student-athletes were taken to the Southern Philippines Medical Center.

A News5 report said the delegates began vomiting and complained of a stomach ache after eating fish served at the school.

Following the report, Bantindig said the athletes ate food that was “procured, prepared, and served by Mati City contingent managers.”

Despite the incident, the official assured that the concerned students “will be able to compete during the sporting events.”

“This food poisoning incident is now being investigated and all responsible parties will be made accountable,” he added.


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