USA and Canada- Cyclospora

Outbreak News Today

Texas cyclospora cases double in two weeks


Less than two weeks after issuing a health advisory, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is reporting 145 cases of infection with the parasite, Cyclospora.

Counties hardest hit include Harris (35), Bexar (21) and Tarrant (14).

Long-lasting illnesses caused by the parasite, with symptoms like watery diarrhea, loss of appetite and fatigue, have been seen in various parts of the state and have prompted public health experts to advise health care providers and the public to be aware of the symptoms and pursue testing when needed.

Outbreak News Today

Canada cyclospora outbreak tops 100 cases

The number of cases in the Cyclospora outbreak in British Columbia and Ontario has nearly doubled since the last report two weeks ago.

Since July 14, 47 additional cases were reported. A total of 104 cases have been reported in two provinces: British Columbia (6) and Ontario (98).

The source of the outbreak has not been identified. To date, no multi-jurisdictional outbreaks of Cyclospora have been linked to produce grown in Canada.

The most common way that Cyclospora is spread is by eating food or drinking water that contains the Cyclospora parasite.

Cyclospora is not common on food and is not in drinking water in Canada.

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