UK – Britain issues warning about ‘Brexit virus’ in EU pork products – Hepatitis E

Food Safety News Close up 3d render of an influenza-like virus isolated on white

Just in time for summer, there’s a new warning out in Britain over the “Brexit virus,” so named because the pork sausages making people sick are said to originate mostly from pig farms in France, Holland, Germany and Denmark.

In other words, the danger is coming from countries in the European Union that Britain through “Brexit” has already voted to depart. At issue is pork from the heart of the EU that carries a new strain of hepatitis E (HEV) in about 10 percent of sausages.

Public Health England figures the HEV is infecting about 60,000 people a year in the United Kingdom with most experiencing flu-like symptoms. However, the number of severe cases tripled between 2010 and 2016 to reach 1,244. The virus attacks the liver and nerves and is especially dangerous for those with compromised immune systems and people who’ve had organ transplants or cancer.

After media reports in the UK, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued guidance on pork “to remind consumers of our advice about cooking pork thoroughly.”

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