USA – The Crab Pot Foodborne illness outbreak investigation – Norovirus

King County

Food Borne Illness - Norovirus -CDC Photo

CDC photo



Public Health investigated an outbreak of gastroenteritis with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea associated with The Crab Pot restaurant located at 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle. Five people from the same meal party became ill after eating at the restaurant on 3/4/2017. We do not have laboratory confirmation of the etiology, but symptoms are suggestive of norovirus. Often in norovirus outbreaks no laboratory testing is done.

Public Health learned of the outbreak late on Monday 3/6/17. No additional reports have been received. As part of the Public Health investigation, Environmental Health inspectors visited the restaurant on both 3/8/17 and 3/9/17. The restaurant worked cooperatively with Public Health, and we discussed norovirus control measures with the person in charge. During the field inspection, we identified a violation related to improper handwashing facilities which is a risk factor for spreading norovirus. No ill food workers have been identified and the restaurant completed appropriate cleaning and disinfection of the facility. A follow-up visit will occur within 14 days to ensure all violations have been corrected.

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