UK -Scotland – Statement on re-commencement of production by Errington Cheese Ltd

Food Standard Scotland

23 March 2017

Food Standards Scotland is aware that Errington Cheese Ltd has restarted production of cheese. Errington Cheese Ltd was required by South Lanarkshire Council to revise its food safety management system following the E.coli incident of 2016 because of the serious deficiencies that were identified.

South Lanarkshire Council has confirmed to Food Standards Scotland that Errington Cheese Ltd now has the relevant controls in place to allow cheese production to start again under a revised food safety management system.  The new season Lanark Blue cheese which has been placed on the market has been produced under this revised food safety management system.

The protection of public health remains the priority of Food Standards Scotland and South Lanarkshire Council. As the enforcement authority for this establishment, South Lanarkshire Council has also provided the necessary assurances to Food Standards Scotland that the cheese products covered by the Food Alert For Action issued in September 2016, and revised in November 2016, have either been destroyed or seized to protect public health.

Food Standards Scotland cannot comment further due to ongoing legal proceedings.

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