Research –Beam Irradiation for Improving the Microbiological Quality of Smoked Duck Meat with Minimum Effects on Physicochemical Properties During Storage

Wiley Online Library


This study was performed to evaluate the effect of different doses (0, 1.5, 3, and 4.5 kGy) of e-beam irradiation on the quality parameters (pH, Hunter’s parameter, and heme pigment) and stability qualifiers (peroxide value [POV], thiobarbituric acid reactive substances [TBARSs], and total volatile basic nitrogen [TVBN]) of smoked duck meat during 40 d of storage under vacuum packaging at 4 °C. The initial populations of total bacteria (7.81 log CFU/g) and coliforms (5.68 log CFU/g) were reduced by approximately 2 to 5 log cycles with respect to irradiation doses. The results showed that pH, myoglobin, met-myoglobin, L*, a*, and b* showed significant differences with respect to different doses and storage intervals; a* and b* did not vary significantly because of storage. Higher pH was found in samples treated with 4.5 kGy at 40 d, while the minimum was observed in nonirradiated samples at day 0 of storage. Higher POV (2.31 ± 0.03 meq peroxide/kg) and TBARS (5.24 ± 0.03 mg MDA/kg) values were found in 4.5 kGy-treated smoked meat at 40 d and the lowest was reported in 0 kGy-treated meat at initiation of storage (0 d). However, irradiation suppressed TVBN during storage and higher TVBN (7.09 ± 0.32 mg/100 mL) was found in duck meat treated with 0 kGy at 40 d. The electronic nose (e-nose) effectively distinguished flavor profiles during the different storage intervals. The results showed that different sensory attributes did not vary significantly with respect to the dose of irradiation. We conclude that low dose of e-beam irradiation and vacuum packaging is beneficial for safety and shelf life extension without affecting the sensory characteristics of smoked duck meat.

Practical Application

Duck meat is getting popularity nowadays including smoked duck meat. Therefore, the safety status of the smoked duck meat is very important. This study clearly identified the safety and quality of smoked duck meat by using the e-beam as a preservation technology.

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