UK – Scotland -Food Standards Scotland advice to consumers regarding products from Errington Cheese Ltd


11 February 2017

Food Standards Scotland understands that Errington Cheese Ltd has commenced sale of certain batches of Corra Linn cheese.

The food alert for action notice, advising local authorities not to allow Corra Linn, Dunsyre Blue, Lanark Blue, Lanark White, Maisie’s Kebbuck, Dunsyre Baby and Sir Lancelot cheeses to be placed on the market, remains in place to protect consumers. Food Standards Scotland’s advice remains that these cheeses should not be eaten.

Errington Cheese Ltd has now, following several requests from Food Standards Scotland, supplied the results of its own laboratory testing, which have raised further concerns and support Food Standards Scotland’s position that the cheeses have not been produced safely. Food Standards Scotland has also had sight of analysis undertaken by South Lanarkshire Council on Corra Linn. This analysis is incomplete. It does not provide sufficient evidence that the cheese was produced safely and preliminary testing on other batches of Corra Linn has identified markers which signify potential contamination that could be harmful to health. Food Standards Scotland understands that South Lanarkshire Council has decided not to detain these cheeses and allowing them to be placed on the market was premature, as there is currently insufficient evidence to provide assurances to the public that these cheeses are safe.

Food Standards Scotland has advised South Lanarkshire Council, as the competent authority, of the assurances it would require from them before considering any modification to this food alert for action. To date, Food Standards Scotland has not received these assurances. Food Standards Scotland’s priority remains the protection of public health. This has been, and continues to be, the sole basis of Food Standards Scotland’s decisions in this incident.


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