Australia -Raw egg warning after 70 contract Salmonella

Poultry Med EGGS

Salmonella outbreaks in five locations across the state has prompted a warning to Queenslanders to stop playing Russian roulette with uncooked eggs and meat.
Health Minister Cameron Dick said more than 70 people were infected by the five outbreaks of the food-borne bacteria, which can lead to death in those with weakened immune systems. “While eggs are a great source of protein and are important for a healthy diet, if you eat them raw or undercooked, you really are playing Russian roulette with your health,” Mr Dick said.
The Minister said three of the current outbreaks across the State have been linked to more than 30 confirmed cases from raw or undercooked egg in Brisbane, while a further 37 people were infected after consuming undercooked pork in Mount Isa. Around 5000 cases of Salmonella are reported in Queensland each year. Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said the rate of Salmonella infection in Queensland is concerning.
Statistics surrounding Queensland cases of Salmonella:
•Total Salmonella notifications for 2015 = 5418 cases
•Total Salmonella notifications for 2016 = 4823 cases
•5 year average (2012 – 2016) = 4217 cases
• Hospitalisations in 2015 = 878
• Hospitalisations in 2016 (Jan-Nov) = 676

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