Research -Hong Kong’s food safety center reports monthly, yearly data

Food Safety News

Hong Kong’s Center  for Food Safety (CFS), a unit of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has released the findings of its food safety report for December 2016 and surveillance information for 2016.

Only 13 of 9,800 food samples tested during December were found to be unsatisfactory, meaning the overall satisfactory rate for the month was 99.9 percent.

A spokesman for CFS reported about 1,100 food samples were collected for microbiological tests. Some 1,000 samples were taken for chemical tests and 7,700 — including about 7,300 taken from food imported from Japan — were collected to test radiation levels.

The microbiological tests covered pathogens and hygienic indicators, while the chemical tests were aimed at detecting pesticides, preservatives, metallic contaminants, coloring matters, veterinary drug residues and other contaminants.

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