I reported on this website about a year ago and it is still going and building momentum.

Happy New Year,

Thanks to everyone for a great year in 2016. Lots of progress made, concluding with another positive impact in detecting a foodborne illness outbreak at The Melting Pot in Tacoma, WA on December 30th. 👍

We collected reports of 36 people sickened, and the establishment was temporarily shutdown by public health officials. See the news story here.

Also a great story on our services in the Arizona Daily Star here.

Other interesting items :

  • Bill to protect online Reviews becomes Law: San Diego Tribune
  • Leading foodborne illness defense attorney David Ernst spoke recently at a food safety symposium, saying: “Companies handling outbreaks should make sure to act quickly to reduce public and employee risk, provide adequate compensation for the injuries and losses of victims and consider saying, ” We’re sorry. ” More here
  • From the Chicago Tribune: “Food Safety standards not met due to under staffing…The city has 38 full-time inspectors to handle a workload that the IG says would take 94.” link

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