Greece -Terrorists threaten to poison food in Greece over next 2 weeks

Food Safety News

Members of an offshoot of the same eco-terrorist group that recently took credit for bombings say their new threats of food poisoning are not meant to hurt anyone, they’re just moving on to economic sabotage.

So far they’ve generated a lot of reaction just by showing how they would poison various food and beverage items produced by four major companies. They reportedly place their plans on thumb drives and then deliver them to their targets.

So far targets include Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever and Delta. In response to the threats by the Greek eco-anarchy group that calls itself FAI/IRF, the companies have withdrawn certain products from an area of Greece. FAI/IRF, which likely grew out of Italy’s informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), shows how it could poison products with chlorine and hydrochloric acid while leaving packaging intact

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