Information -UK -FSS food safety campaign – Christmas 2016

HPS Scotland Campylobacter kswfoodworld

On 12 December, Food Standards Scotland (FSS) launched a new food safety campaign to highlight the risks of food poisoning over the festive season from washing raw poultry and not washing hands properly.

An FSS survey revealed that 45% of adults in Scotland admit to washing raw poultry. With Christmas just around the corner, FSS is calling on those preparing the festive feast to be exercise extra care. Washing poultry can splash harmful bacteria like Campylobacter, one of the most common causes of food poisoning in Scotland, over work surfaces and cooking utensils unseen. The research also showed that 58% of Scots don’t know what Campylobacter is.

This year’s Festive Food Safety Campaign runs until 31 December and will promote good hygiene practices in the kitchen with hand washing and food preparation at its core. Christmas cooks are being encouraged to ensure work surfaces are kept clean, with top tips including using separate or colour-coded chopping boards for raw meat and vegetables. [Source: FSS News Release, 12 December 2016.…]

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