UK – Scotland -Eat & Go Foods Co. Ltd. recalls due to shelf life which has been extended beyond the validated shelf life.

Food Standards Scotland

Eat & Go Foods Co. Ltd have instigated a recall as they have been producing and selling products with a shelf life which has been extended beyond the validated shelf life.

Risk: The shelf-life has been extended beyond the validated shelf-life which could pose a risk to human health.

Product details

Brand Name:  SoloSnack

Products: Various items, including Scotch pies, curry pies, steak pies, sausage rolls, steak bridies, mince bridies, mixed vegetable pies, Cornish pasties; various sandwiches, with fillings including chicken mayo, egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, ham & cheese; broccoli & lentil slice, chilli bean slice, tuna pasta salad, pasta bake and cheese burger.

There may be  other similar types of product similar to the items listed above.

Pack size: All  pack sizes

Brand Name:  Eat & Go

Products: chicken curry & rice and vegetarian Scotch eggs.

Pack size: All pack sizes

“Use By Dates”:  For both Product Detail as above – Up to and including 18/12/2016.

*** Please Note – today (10/12/2016) new product has been distributed which has a suitable shelf life.  Additional day dot labelling has been attached to identify this product and an example is shown in Appendix 2.  ***

Action taken by the company:

Eat & Go Foods Co. Ltd. have recalled all affected batches and are contacting their immediate customers.

Advice to consumers:

FSS is aware at this stage that initial distribution is limited to 3 areas of Scotland, however, this product may have onward distribution to other parts of the UK. If you have bought any of these products, do not eat them. Instead, return the product to the store from where it was purchased.

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