Denmark -Foodborne Salmonella infections in Denmark reach historic low


A record low number of foodborne salmonella cases were registered in Denmark in 2015. While travel remains the leading cause of salmonella infections, no cases have been attributed to Danish eggs for the first time in the almost 30-year history of the salmonella source account. These are some of the findings of the annual report on the occurrence of diseases that can be transmitted from animals and food to humans.
In 2015 a total of 925 salmonella infections were reported among Danes, which is equivalent to 16.2 infected cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the lowest number of salmonella infections since 1988.
2015 is also the first year since the introduction of the salmonella source account that Danish eggs have not caused illness. There have also been no registered cases of infection due to Danish chicken meat, which has been the case in four of the previous five years.

One response to “Denmark -Foodborne Salmonella infections in Denmark reach historic low

  1. George Bervanakis

    Great news for the Denmark egg and meat industry, it seem that preventative strategies for the occurance of Salmonella in Eggs and Chicken meat are being enforced and adhered to. Well done.

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