Research – Australian breakthrough is the new alternative to milk pasteurisation

Food Safety News

From “down under” comes news that is said to be the biggest breakthrough in dairy safety since pasteurization. It has been accepted as “an alternative treatment to pasteurization of raw milk” by Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) with financial support from both the Queensland state government putting in $190,000 and the Australian Federal Government $761,700.

Australia-based Naturo plans to roll out its Wholey Milk Co. brand, using the new “Haelen” technology beginning in March and April, serving retail outlets in Queensland during 2021, and then expanding internationally in 2022.

Naturo CEO Jeff Hastings says Haelen is a “gentle alternative technology” that without heat kills pathogens while retaining higher levels of useful vitamins, proteins, and enzymes that under pasteurization are damaged or destroyed.

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