Norway -Sandwich club and Sandwich egg and bacon from Goman Vest are withdrawn from the market – Listeria monocytogenes


Goman dept. West, via Coop, is withdrawing the product “Sandwich club” and “Sandwich egg and bacon” with expiry dates 03.09.22, 04.09.22, 05.09.22, 06.09.22. The reason is the discovery of Listeria.

The withdrawal applies to the following product:

  • Product name: Goman Sandwich club and Goman Sandwich egg and bacon
  • The company that is recalling the goods: Goman department West via Coop
  • Production activities: Goman Dept. West
  • Item number: EPD 5716998 and 5717095
  • Last consumption day: 03.09.22, 04.09.22, 05.09.22, 06.09.22

Contact person

Grethe Skånøy, 901 69 774,

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