Austria – BILLA various burger and pita products from Wojnars – Listeria monocytogenes



Wr. Neudorf (OTS) – The manufacturer Wojnars Wiener Leckerbissen GmbH is recalling the following products for reasons of precautionary consumer protection:

Product data: BILLA Southwest Chicken BURGER 175G Best before
date / lot number: Best before 2021/11/2021 , Lot 320

Product data: BILLA Burger Pulled Pork COLE SLAW BURGER 175G Best before
date / Lot number:

Best before 2021/11/2021 , Lot 320 Product data: BILLA Chicken Couscous PITA ROLL 250G Best before
date / Lot number: Best before 2021/11/2021 , Lot 320

In order to exclude a health risk, we advise against consuming this product. The reason for the product recall is the detection of Listeria Monocytogenes.

For safety reasons, the entire inventory of the product, i.e. all best-before dates and batches, has been taken out of sale.

Affected products that have already been purchased can now be returned without a receipt.

The supplier Wojnars Wiener Leckerbissen GmbH regrets the incident and apologizes for the inconvenience.

The warning does not mean that the health risk was caused by the producer, manufacturer, importer or distributor.
Questions & contact:

If you have any questions, please send an email to office @

Original recall

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