Norway – The Norwegian Food Safety Authority with an inspection campaign on Listeria measures at producers of ready-to-eat seafood.


In the autumn of 2021 and the spring of 2022, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority will carry out an inspection campaign with approved producers of ready-to-eat seafood. In the campaign, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority will investigate measures and routines to prevent the ready-to-eat products from being contaminated with the listeria bacterium.

The campaign starts in November and lasts until April next year.

– We will look in particular at the manufacturers’ documentation of the chosen limit value, routines for sampling and non-conformance treatment. We will also provide guidance on the limit values ​​and clarify regulations and responsibilities for manufacturers. This is to ensure that ready-to-eat seafood produced in Norway is safe to eat, says Siv Jorunn Nordlund, section manager for biological food safety at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The control will take place in the form of audits, and the goal is to audit all approved producers of smoked and digged seafood.

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