USA -McCain Foods USA expands recall to all products it makes at Colton, CA facility – Salmonella – Listeria monocytogenes

Food Safety News

Details about the recalls by national retailers and multiple manufacturers over common ingredients remain murky but  McCain Foods USA Inc. is now recalling all products from its Colton, CA facility 60 miles east of Los Angeles, which produces fire roasted caramelized or sauteed frozen fruit and vegetable products.  Ingredients from that California facility may be the cause of the multiple recalls in recent days.

In a news release, McCain said it “identified a potential health risk” to its product line at Colton.  But the company was not exact about its problem at Colton, when it originated, volume of production involved or where it was distributed.

More than 755.5 tons of additional meat and poultry products were recalled by a half-dozen companies over the weekend for containing various vegetables apparently supplied by McCain over potential contamination from both Salmonella and Listeria pathogens.

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